Touch Me Softly

Without softness the roughness would never feel so good. 

Lesbians are famous for loving, soft, sensual, playful sex… it’s rare that lesbians are the raging animals. Without the memory of what loving touches, and soft kisses the fast and furious would never truly excite. There are moments though where soft is king.

Sometimes when I lie in bed alone I want her. No fantasy will suffice. 

Sometimes when my fingers stray downwards and my heart begins to beat into my throat, I think not of her turning me forcibly but of the feelings as she slides up against me. I think of the way our bodies meld together under the crisp white sheets, the way our tan skin shows against the covers revealing life below.

Sometimes all I want is hear the whisper of good morning as her arms envelop me as we drift into the daylight together. 

Sometimes the gentle warmth of her skin against mine causes more sensations than the feeling of her teeth sinking into my skin. I remember then as my fingers see the finish line of the way hers feel as I drown my moans into the pillows. 

Sometimes all of the dirty words fade away into the protective barrier that is the early hours and the peace and calm we shared broken only by soft moans is all I need. 

Sometimes all I need is to think of the soft touch that makes the fight dissipate, and limp exhaustion take over. 




About whimperz

I am 19, female, and at college in MA. I am in a kinky lesbian relationship with G.
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