Touch Me Softly

Without softness the roughness would never feel so good. 

Lesbians are famous for loving, soft, sensual, playful sex… it’s rare that lesbians are the raging animals. Without the memory of what loving touches, and soft kisses the fast and furious would never truly excite. There are moments though where soft is king.

Sometimes when I lie in bed alone I want her. No fantasy will suffice. 

Sometimes when my fingers stray downwards and my heart begins to beat into my throat, I think not of her turning me forcibly but of the feelings as she slides up against me. I think of the way our bodies meld together under the crisp white sheets, the way our tan skin shows against the covers revealing life below.

Sometimes all I want is hear the whisper of good morning as her arms envelop me as we drift into the daylight together. 

Sometimes the gentle warmth of her skin against mine causes more sensations than the feeling of her teeth sinking into my skin. I remember then as my fingers see the finish line of the way hers feel as I drown my moans into the pillows. 

Sometimes all of the dirty words fade away into the protective barrier that is the early hours and the peace and calm we shared broken only by soft moans is all I need. 

Sometimes all I need is to think of the soft touch that makes the fight dissipate, and limp exhaustion take over. 



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The way she feels

There is something about the way her breath feels when she wraps herself around me from behind.

There is something about her body that makes my mind wander forever lost.

There is something about the way her fingers dance along my skin when we kiss.

There is something about her that ignites me when my fingers travel through her hair.

There is something about her lips, that leaves me out of breath.

There is something about the moment that her eyes softly open in a sleepy haze.

There is something about her words that lets the pent up sadness ebb away.

There is something about her that continues to draw me in.

There is something about the moments lost when the world is only her.

There is something about this girl.


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Kissing her has nothing on the way she feels inside me. Sometimes I think I’m the worst lesbian ever, the only close rival to penetration in my book is the hitachi.


One thing leads to another when the bedroom door closes shut. I can’t resist, my hands are already on her pulling her close, kissing her deep. The way her skin feels to my fingertips drives me wild. The soft feel of a girls body mixed dangerously with her toned muscles is undeniable. My hands roam sliding upwards as our lips meet again. She’s a bit of a biter, I wince as a tremor shakes my core. Soon the cool air brings goosebumps to your skin as one after the other pretty pieces of fabric hit the floor.

It seems as if hours pass before my back hits the bed and she slides downwards tugging the button of my pants apart. As soon as her fingers are out of the way her tongue takes their place, gently she teases the exposed skin letting the heat of her breath cause shivers to run down my spine. All the while her hands are expertly ensuring that I will soon have nothing to cover my most sensitive spots.

It is only when she slides forwards climbing on top that I can feel the firm ring of her harness. I lift up trying to catch the edge of it, willing it to send me closer to the edge. She pulls away, she never lets me cum like that before the fun has even begun. The new rodeoH makes its debut, being the only thing left remaining on her body. Her soft curves contrasted by the boy-brief look. Funnily enough this is the only time I ever catch her in anything not belonging on a lingerie model. I guess lesbians really are good at practical.

As I close my eyes, and smile softly knowing what’s to come she slips the stiff cock through the ring and knees my legs further apart. The bedside lube is quickly put to use as she strokes her cock slowly looking into my eyes. With one hand softly jerking herself the other begins to tip-toe down and up against me. Her fingers rubbed soft circles for a while before sneaking downwards feeling my wetness. I left up trying to somehow capture her fingers inside of me but she knows better. When my bid for control has sheepishly passed her fingers renew the exploration. As one finger slides in a low moan escapes my lips, she knows I’m ready. I need it, I need to feel her inside of me. I need to feel full of her, to feel how big she is, how stretched she makes me. I need to have her.

I eagerly smile upwards, spreading my self wider, lifting up while positioning her dead center. Her hard cock pointing upwards ready for action. Oh the agony caused by waiting for the moment when she finally guides herself up against me. When I feel the tip of her pressing against me my heart skips a beat. I yearn for more but know better than to try to force her inside.

Before my breath can catch up, before a single gasp can escape, she’s inside. I love the sudden sensation as she takes what is hers. Filled to capacity she drives all the way in to the hilt, to the point her body is pressed against mine and her thrust rubs me in all the right ways. The sensation that rattles me to the core on the first thrust, makes everything go weak, and I am pushed to the brink of climax. The first thrust always sends me to the edge.

I wrap my legs around her with each thrust trying to pull her deeper to gain an extra centimeter of her inside me. It is then that time ceases to exist. The gleam of sweat shows on our skin and our breathing matches in its pant.

Having something inside destroys me sense of control, and my lips let out a crescendo of moans. I talk dirty, far dirtier than G as I beg for my release. I want it, I want her to cum in me, I want her to use me, I want to feel her need grow with mine. I want to feel her muscles tighten and the last big stroke fill me deepest as we share the moment. I want to hear her struggle between the pleasurable friction and thrusting exertion.

I cum, and I want more…

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Do lesbians even do Anal?

Dear Diary,

Im beginning to wonder, Do lesbians do anal?


I suppose for me it is related to my love of spanking the idea of being completely under someone else’s control while their hand descends. The idea that their wants, their needs, their intimate desires somehow usurp mine. 

I like the idea of punishment the idea of being powerless, and somehow little in comparison. I want to feel dominated not only by the stern lecturing, or the painful fire that has been lit on my posterior but also sexually. I want to submit to the sensation of it being too big. The feeling of taking something not for my own pleasure. I want to feel used. 


Am I the only lesbian who wants to be spanked, bent over and taken?



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Dear diary,

I know I haven’t posted in quite a while. G keeps reminding me… I’m probably going to get in trouble for that. I’m sitting next to her now. It was hArd being just a good friend in introductions to her friends and family. Somehow it’s all worth it just to be there with her, to see her smile, and to feel her gaze. I’m supposed to writing because I touched myself last night without her in her bed… To be continued

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Dear Diary,


There have been 1,200 visits since this blogs creation. Today is day 11. 


So I pose the question, What would you like to read about or know?

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Tied (adult fantasy, trigger warning)

Dear Diary,


I’ve been thinking about it for a while. When I close my eyes nestled under the covers, touching, making myself cum. 

I saw myself trapped, eyes blindfolded. My wrists were tied together, and I had lost track of space and time. I was alone in my own mind. 

I heard their footsteps softly, calmly walking towards me. I felt their finger tips tracing against my skin. I felt their mouth on mine as they kissed me. I couldn’t squirm away, I couldn’t stop them. I resist then against their kisses. They  persist but I’m stubborn. Without hesitation their hand comes down in a loud smack. I gasp, trying to twist away.

Feeling their hands on my skin. Feeling their lips against mine. Feeling their breath against my neck, I feel helpless. Lost totally in their mercy. It makes me wet. I want it, I  want them to fuck me. 



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